Skinny brunette just loves getting abused by her masters

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Angel faced petite bodied brunette in this hot porn video is far from an angel she presents herself to be with her friends and family. The truth is, she’s completely addicted to BDSM fiction and bondage fiction,

Crazy BDSM Fiction

she has a master who’s willing to make her fantasies into reality and she’s not shy about it at all. Her small body is perfect for suspension from the chains and for abuse that leaves her covered with welts.

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Tortured amateur school girl begs for mercy

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Amateur school girl with large tits and fine ass has walked down the wrong alley, she ended up in the hands of BDSM fiction enthusiasts who don’t like pulling their punches.

Tits BDSM Fiction

It didn’t take them long at all to have her in a bondage rig that tortures her large breasts, leaving them all red. Her ass got some attention as well, she’s whipped and forced to beg for mercy by her BDSM tenders.

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Dixon and her friend caged and teased

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After several months of torture Dixon is a well trained slave girl who wouldn’t dream about disobeying or arguing with her masters. When they told her to find another girl to play with, she already had someone on her mind.

Teen BDSM Porn Fiction

Her school friend always said how she got turned on by BDSM fiction, well, now it’s time for her to learn why fiction is better than the real deal, she and Dixon are caged and abused like sex animals by their masters.

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Mental breakdown of a cute amateur gal

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This dark haired green eyed piece of eye candy has found herself in hell. She was bragging about liking bondage fiction, but that is nothing compared to what is being done to her. She’s hanging from the chains, her tits tortured by firm ropes,

BDSM Fiction

her ass spanked and whipped and her tongue burned by electricity – she’s living with pain for a few days now, in her new master’s basement and she’s already slowly losing grips with reality.

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Emo girl learns about new meanings of pain

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Hardcore emo girl with shaved head and fit figure always got turned on by pain, so she came to us with her very own BDSM fiction that she wanted us to make into reality for her.

Emo Girl BDSM Fiction

That’s a request one does not turn down, so we set her up in a bondage rig and got busy, she wanted her tits tortured, her tongue stretched out and her nostrils split wide open. This would be mortifying for most girls, but this emo eye candy loved every moment of it.

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Halloween party goes out of control for Jade

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A Halloween party with bondage fiction theme has gotten out of hands as Jade’s friends decided just acting these things out is not enough, they need to be real. Unfortunately for her, she was the one tied up at the moment, so they got their hands dirty on her body.

Halloween Bondage Fiction

Fisting her pussy, abusing her nipples and tits and getting her to squirm with pain makes this the most hardcore Halloween party she ever attended.

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Submissive wife gets sold to a BDSM master

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Useless wife that can’t cook, can’t clean, doesn’t have a job and just nags all the time got too much for this guy to take care of so he set on a quest to make something out of her. The only thing he can think of is making her into a BDSM slave,

Whore Bondage Fiction

and that’s something he did with a big grin on her face. He got a brutal bondage kit from a local sex shop and got to work right away, stretching her out wide open and exposing her cunt to the camera, letting us watch BDSM fiction come to life.

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Cute college girl in latex torture

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Latex and torture goes hand in hand, but usually it’s the master/mistress that wears it. In this bondage fiction scene it’s the slave that’s wrapped in latex, her hands constrained behind her, her body wrapped tight but her tits and pussy exposed.

Latex Bondage Fiction

That tight latex suit doesn’t hide anything, it only makes it easier for her masters to inflict pain upon her, torture her and tease her mercilessly.

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Pale blonde Sara Jane in bondage action

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Pale blonde with natural fit body Sara Jane was just jogging when she got ambushed by a guy who wants to make his bondage fiction into reality. It didn’t take an hour for her to find herself in his basement,

Amateur Bondage Fiction

hanging from the chains and ropes with every inch of her body being exposed for his BDSM games. She got tortured, whipped and flogged, her skin got covered with welts and her cries are like music to pain loving men.

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Raunchy latina Lavander hogtied

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Naughty Latina housewife with large breasts and lush figure Lavander has always had a thing for a man that can take charge of her and boss her around. Her latest pimp daddy is doing just that, only more so,

Bondage Fiction

he has her caged and hogtied so she can’t even more while he turns some of the hot bondage fiction into reality with her. Torturing her tits, waxing her and flogging her are just some of the things he has on his mind for her.

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